Let Market Updates Boost Your Client Contact Success in a Commercial Real Estate Agency

In commercial real estate agency today, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with your clients and prospects. Doing so in a relevant way will help you with building market share and listing opportunities.

Given that we regularly prospect as part of our business activities, providing market updates will help you with connecting with clients and prospects. Relevance and fresh information are the keys to the process.

As the year progresses, there will always be changes in the local property market. Those changes are of interest to the local property investors, business owners, tenants, and property developers that you work with. In many respects, they do not have the same sources of information that you have, and they are likely to be less informed when it comes to current prices and rentals relating to commercial property.

Capturing the latest information from sales and leasing activity will help you build relevance with the clients and contacts that you work with. Up to date information will always be of interest and for use in your meetings, prospecting, and client updates.

Here are some ideas to help you with providing high quality market updates:

  1. The information that you provide from the market will always be valuable. That being said, it does need to attract the attention of the reader. Interpret the prices, rentals, occupancy rates, and capitalisation rates into trends that can be graphed. The visual approach will attract attention. The best graphing model to use with trending is a bar chart. It is very suitable for our industry. You can get some simple graphing packages from the Internet which will allow you to display numbers and figures relating to property trends. In a very basic way, you can also do the same thing using an excel spreadsheet and set up the graphing alternatives from the spreadsheet.
  2. Use plenty of photographs in your marketing material relating to the local area. In saying that, the photographs should be of reasonable quality taken at an attractive angle. Those photographs may be of properties that you have sold, leased, or developed.
  3. Tell stories about the market and also the clients that you have served. As part of that process, you do need to have the consent of the property owners and clients at the centre of the story. Testimonials will always help send the right message as will positive stories from recent sales and leasing activity.
  4. To freshen up your marketing content, you can use professionally taken stock photographs that connects to your feature story or article. The stock photographs can be purchased and downloaded across the Internet so that you do not infringe any copyright ownership rights.
  5. Find a local copywriting specialist that can produce an interesting article from the property market on a weekly basis for you.

Regular market updates will help identify and support you as an industry specialist in commercial property. Consolidate all of your marketing activity into specific communications processes that reach the prospects and clients that you work with. That will normally involve emails, database, blogs, and social media.

Indestructable Focus in Commercial Real Estate Agency Brings Results Today

In commercial real estate agency we are the best people to bring in the results for the clients that we serve. Whilst your office and your market are part of that process, the fact of the matter is that your success as an agent is largely governed by your actions and focus. Clients want to work with confident and top agents that dominate the market.

When the property market is slow or tough, most ordinary salespeople will say that there is little going on for them and that the deals are impossible to do. They will blame everyone and everything but themselves.

The fact of the matter is that your focus and your systems are really critical in commercial real estate agency. If you want to get ahead in your local area, take a solid look at what you are doing now in marketing and what could be done better.

Marketing yourself is a critical part of commercial real estate agency. Every day it is a matter of reaching out to new people that you have not connected with before.

Here are some other points of focus that can help your career as a commercial real estate agent. Check out the list to see if there is anything that you could do better.

  1. Know your specialty property type and local area comprehensively. It is surprising just how many people will quote numbers and results to you about other property locally. Invariably a lot of that information is hearsay.
  2. Believe in yourself and your ability to be a top commercial real estate agent. Certainly the concept is obvious, but a good degree of self-belief and focus takes time to bring this about.
  3. Control how you pitch, present, and negotiate. Every property listing can be a challenge given that the differences are always going to stretch your property skills. Practice your dialogue so you can convert more listings with the right people.
  4. Do not lose control or your temper for any reason. Some of the clients and prospects that we deal with are not the easiest people to work for or with. They will ‘push your buttons’ simply to get an advantage in negotiation. Many of the business people that we deal with are expert negotiators and understand that if they can ‘throw you off the tracks in the negotiation’ they are likely to get an advantage.
  5. Do the hard stuff first every day. We get our fair share of difficult things to do. Prospecting and cold calling is one of them. Always do the hard personal stuff every day, first thing.
  6. Develop willpower as you will need plenty of it to keep you on the right track and focus. Top agents stay on track regardless of things that surround them.
  7. Keep fit mentally and physically so you can do your best every day. Working hours for most of us are 7am to 7pm. It’s a long day and it contains many challenging things that will stretch your abilities. Stay fit so you can create the best outcomes.
  8. Use a time management system to control the things that you must do. Many agents struggle with ‘unimportant’ stuff. You are the only person that can take your career steps forward. Make sure those steps are the right ones.
  9. Grow your database every day with new people. This requires a prospecting mindset and should be one of the first things that you do every day.

Give me one really focused and driven commercial real estate agent. They are better than 10 ordinary ones.